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    Business success depends on great teams. And great teams need more than just smart people.


    Impact Leadership Network uses proven, practical tools to unlock new levels of performance. Building on 20 years of experience in coaching and training, we stay away from cliches, awkward role-plays, and boring slide decks.


    Imagine how your business would run if every team was 10x more effective. Then let's have a conversation.

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    Team Accelerators

    Whether your team is brand new or striving for the next BHAG, our Team Accelerator addresses the concrete goals, key success factors, and action plans needed to get you there, faster.

    Leader Breakthroughs

    Most leaders are self-taught, and will eventually hit a limit as they progress in their career. Our Leader Breakthrough approach enables individuals to build on their strengths, face their challenges, and step up to the next level of leadership performance.

    Key Player Coaching

    Even the smartest or most technically gifted players can slow down a team. Our strengths-based approach focuses on preserving the high-value contributions that Key Players make while enabling them to more effectively manage critical relationships and limiting behaviors.

    Team Meetings & Workshops

    Every team needs something unique to get to the next level of performance. Through working closely with the team and team leaders, we can design and deliver a short workshop, training or offsite to unlock team potential. Example skill-building sessions including Mastering Difficult Conversations, Effective Feedback, and Delegation for Superstars.

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  • projects

    Online Retail Giant

    Facilitated a two-day team session for the COO and direct reports at a major national online retailer. Created team vision for the coming year, identified risks and roadblocks, completed root cause analysis and action planning. Client feedback: “By far the best team workshop we’ve ever done.”

    IT Leadership Team

    Helped an IT Leadership Team to develop the next level of leaders in their organization through a series of workshops and training modules, including individual strength assessments, goal-setting, and feedback. Content including client management skills, giving and receiving feedback, effective delegation, project execution, and leadership presence. Client feedback: “Far exceeded our expectations. Looking forward to doing this again next year.”

    Regional Animal-Rescue Charity

    Ran a one-day interactive workshop for 30 leaders of an animal rescue charity. Enabled department heads and team leaders to celebrate successes, set team goals, and agree on concrete next steps while building leadership skills to grow the organization. Client feedback: “I had no idea we could get so much done in one day!”

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